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Whatever wellness goal you are fighting for, the team at Body Shot is in your corner. 

It is our mission to help our people “win their fight” by making fitness as much fun as possible.

Body Shot Fitness is a great option for those that find the usual gym experience boring or hard to stick to, or for those who want to add some fun and intense variation to their routine.

We provide expert boxing, kicking and fight conditioning (circuit training) fitness classes, with personal training options available.

Consistency is the key factor in winning any health and fitness fight.

Give us a try, we’re your best shot.

Enjoy the journey, win the fight!

Meet the team

Our team are qualified, experienced and professional. But most importantly, they know how to make your fitness experience enjoyable. These people make Body Shot what is is and we're proud to call them family. Whatever wellness goals you are fighting for, they are passionate about helping you win and making the journey fun.



I have been passionate about boxing and martial arts for as long as I can remember. I would get lessons from my dad who did a little bit of Karate back in the Bruce Lee days. My brothers and I would use orange peel quarters as mouth shields and would just go for it. I took this passion with me into the fitness industry. I have run many personal training businesses which have all had boxing and martial arts flavours.


  • Diploma of Exercise Science
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Multiple Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • Bronze Medal – Commonwealth
  • Gold Medal – Oceania Champs
  • Silver Medal – Australian Open
  • Fought as an amateur boxer 
  • 20 years in the fitness industry
  • Former Co-Owner of Results Room
  • Created Les Mills Wellington Fight Club and Impact Classes 
  • PT – Holmes Place Notting Hill, Fitness First Hammersmith, Results Room, Les Mills and Results Room


Fitness, boxing and mucking around with mates have always be a huge part of my life. By ‘mucking around’ I mean having fun. I’ve always thought that combining these would make the greatest training environment of all time. Especially if there were amazing, talented and ruggedly good-looking instructors. So we’ve now created that wondrous place (minus the good looking part). I love teaching people boxing at every level, from the basics for fitness to the intricacies of fighting. It is incredibly rewarding to see how much our members enjoy growing and developing their boxing skills.


  • Fought/fight as an amateur in heavy and super heavy weight divisions
  • Trained amateur, corporate and professional fighters
  • Trained professional sports teams
  • Boxing for over 10 years
  • Level 4 Personal Training Certification
  • I love long walks on the beach and multiple dinners


With a successful career in Tae Kwon Do behind me, I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge of the technical aspects of martial arts. Combining this experience with my personal training has been the best move for myself and my clients. I love helping people achieve their goals through professional training while having fun along the way.


  • Tae Kwon Do Oceania Champ
  • Tae Kwon Do National Winner
  • Level 4 Personal Training Certification
  • Qualified in kicking ass and having fun
  • Professional coffee and chocolate eater


First Shot FREE! SELECT A CLASS ON THE TIMETABLE BELOW AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. PLEASE NOTE: ONE FREE CLASS PER PERSON - if you can't book your class, it may be full so please choose another session.

First time at Body Shot? We highly recommend booking our one on one Boxing Basics session. For more details see below the timetable...

Our classes are high intensity and high impact while catering to all fitness levels. As your technique improves, so will your ability to train harder. If you plan on attending our boxing classes regularly, it is highly recommended that you purchase your own boxing gloves. We sell a great range at Body Shot Fitness and also give you the option to try a pair before you buy.

1 on 1 BOXING BASICS - 45 mins - $65

Nervous about diving into your first class? This session is perfect for beginners and will help you maximise the benefits of your classes. Learn the boxing basics in a 1 on 1 training session including stance, punches, pad work and hand wrapping. 

*For purchase one time only.


BODY SHOT - 45 mins

This is our trademark boxing class. High intensity boxing in a fun and motivating team environment.  We combine bag and pad work with fight specific fitness drills. It's safe! The only thing in danger of getting beat up will be the bags, pads and calories.

Equipment needed: boxing gloves, hand wraps. (Gloves provided free for first shot).



Becoming fighting fit isn't just about striking. The gloves are literally off in this action-packed strength and conditioning class. We use specialised cross training exercises in a circuit format to add fun variation to your routine.

No equipment needed.


KICKS - 45 mins

We use kicking techniques and fitness drills from a mix of martial arts to create an exciting workout that challenges your lungs, legs and core like never before.

Equipment needed: comfy shorts/trackies and lightweight shoes or no shoes.



A more technical boxing session than Body Shot. We break down and clean up technique using partner focus pad and glove drills. We will not be on the bags but you will still get a great workout. 

Equipment needed: boxing gloves, hand wraps.


We take on Wellington's stairs and hills in short burst running (or walking) intervals. We use this class to help prepare for team fitness events. You need to be able to run injury free to join in. This class is for all fitness levels and running speeds.

Equipment needed: good running/walking shoes.




You have built up your fitness and basic boxing skills through our
classes or private training sessions, now learn to apply them to the
sport of boxing. Not for the faint-hearted, this class will test your
mental strength and get you out of your comfort zone.

Please note you must apply to join this class and there are no free trials.

Body Shot Fitness - Your best shot at fitness



Unlimited access to all our timetabled classes as often as you like.

Unlimited Membership
$35 per week

Attend a maximum of two scheduled classes in one calendar week.

2 CLASSES per week
$30 per week 

Attend a maximum of one scheduled class in one calendar week.

1 CLASS per week
$17.50 per week


* Unused weekly sessions cannot be carried over to the following week or used in the future.
*Payments are payed monthly in advance (collected via ezidebit)
*No long term contracts. Give notice of cancelation to and pay 1 further scheduled monthly payment.
*Minimum of two weeks notice required for suspensions and no partial months allowed. 



Attend any 10 classes within a three month period.
Payment by eftpos at reception or by online banking.


Casual classes (based on availability).
Pay on the day by eftpos at reception.

$25 per class


Click the button below to sign up for one of our memberships...

Email us at if any issues.



Click the button below to sign up for your first class for free...

Email us at if any issues.



Get 1 on 1 attention from one of our experienced boxing, martial arts and fitness trainers. Have your round alone or have up to 2 people join the session for no extra cost (This does not apply to member discounts discounts or specific packages, T&Cs apply). 

Starter Pack

2 x 45 minute private sessions - $119 (Can be shared with up to 3 people)

This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of having a private trainer before committing to more sessions. We offer personal 1 on 1 training in a private space. 

*For purchase one time only.

$350 (Member discount $325 - for 1 on 1 only)

(5 x 45 min sessions)

(10 x 45 min sessions)

$650 (Member discount $600 - for 1 on 1 only)


1 on 1 - $75 (Member discount $70 - for 1 on 1 only)


Drop weight - fight stress - enjoy fitness




Level 4, 107 Customhouse Quay
Wellington Central (above Pravda Cafe)



Monday - Saturday: See class timetable.
Closed Sunday & Public Holidays

General Enquiries...

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Frequently asked questions

It's my first class, what do I need?  

  • First, make sure you have registered for a free trial and let us know of any medical concerns before coming in.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class is due to start.
  • Glove hire free for your first shot then $2 per class. We sell gloves and wraps with member discounts.
  • Bring a drink bottle and sweat towel.

Do I need to be fit to join in?  Although our classes are high intensity and high impact, they are for all fitness and skill levels. Our instructors will give you options to make the exercises easier or harder. As your technique improves, so will your ability to push yourself. 
If you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to exercise, we ask that you consult with your medical professional before participating in any of our services.

Do I have to have previous experience with boxing?  Our classes are designed to cater to all fitness and skill levels, and we mean that! From the absolute novice who has never put boxing gloves on, to the experienced boxer, you are all welcome and will all get benefit from our workouts. If you're new to boxing fitness we recommend trying 1 on 1 Boxing Basics session to get your confidence up before joining in a full class. We also have a variety of classes that don't involve any boxing at all. So if punching isn't your thing, we have plenty more to keep you going.

Do you have changing rooms and showers? We have access to male and female changing rooms and showers on the ground floor (down 4 flights of stairs). We do have male and female toilets on our floor. We recommend turning up changed and ready to go. You can store your bags in our cubicles on the gym floor.

Can I store my gear on site? We are just a small space and ask that you take home your personal belongings after every session.

Can I use the gym outside of class hours?  Our gym is class based, so unless you are at a class, or have a personal training appointment, the gym will not be available for further use.