What they say...

Let's be honest, we think we're pretty rad. But it's better to hear it from our members, right?
Here's what some of them have to say about us.



" I’ve lost 30kgs (and counting!) since joining body shot. The support from the trainers and other members has given me so much more confidence. Everyone cheers each other on and it’s so motivating. "


"Body Shot has the best atmosphere. We all feed off the energy at the gym. If it was all lycra and shit I wouldn’t be there!"



"Body Shot has not only helped me with my fitness and energy, but also I feel more alive and in tune with myself. My confidence has improved drastically and I’m always happier after a body shot class."



"Body Shot has been great cross-training for my inline hockey. The team have done such a good job at building a community."



"I like how social the environment is at Body Shot. I can easily maintain my fitness with their mix of classes. I already enjoyed training but now I look forward to my work outs even more."


"Learning how to box properly has opened my eyes. I thought I knew how to punch properly. . .I didn’t! The trainer’s skills speak for themselves and make them stand out from the crowd."